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Random Flash Games - Samurai Warrior
Samurai Warrior

Random Flash Games - Smashing

Random Flash Games - Detonator

Random Flash Games - Mahjongg

Random Flash Games - Beach Tennis
Beach Tennis

Action Games
Casino Games

Action Games - Canyon Glider Canyon Glider
Fly your glider through the treacherous canyon landscape avoiding obstacles!
Action Games - Cannons Cannons
Two player cannon game. Set angle and speed, but be warned of wind changes.
Action Games - Pong 2 Go Pong 2 Go
A classic version of pong where you can choose the difficulty of the game.

Casino Games - Gaming Club Slots Gaming Club Slots
Play the slots from The Gaming Club for great fun and profit!
Casino Games - Palace Slots Palace Slots
Play Slots at the Jackpot Palace Casino and watch those reels go round!
Casino Games - Palace Roulette Palace Roulette
A super fun game of chance to play at the Jackpot Palace Casino!

Puzzle Games
Shooting Games

Puzzle Games - Halloween Pumpkins Halloween Pumpkins
Stack these halloween pumpkins together to destroy them. Beware of the spells of the witch!
Puzzle Games - Flashman Flashman
An excellent version of the classic 'Pacman' game with over 6 levels.
Puzzle Games - Mahjongg Mahjongg
Play this old Chinese puzzle game, with 6 different tables!

Shooting Games - Galaxians Galaxians
Classic Space Invaders. You are in a space ship shooting down enemy alien ships.
Shooting Games - Shoot Out Shoot Out
Shoot anything that moves in this cowboy shoot out game.
Shooting Games - Bomber Bob Bomber Bob
Protect the battleship by shooting down enemy planes.

Fun Games
Sports Games

Fun Games - Dancing Blair Dancing Blair
Get into the groove with Tony Blair as you control his dancing.
Fun Games - Assroids Assroids
Fun game of asteroids where you shoot asses instead of rocks.
Fun Games - Beer Pong Beer Pong
Get rid of all of your opponent's cups by throwing the ping pong ball into them.

Sports Games - Santa Ski Jump Santa Ski Jump
Control Santas speed and style as he jumps to collect the stars!!
Sports Games - Air Hockey Air Hockey
Play the popular air hockey game on your computer. First to score 7 goals wins!
Sports Games - Baseball Baseball
Step up to the plate and see if you can hit a homerun!

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