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Random Flash Games - Smashing

Random Flash Games - Rigelian Hotshots
Rigelian Hotshots

Random Flash Games - United We Dance
United We Dance

Random Flash Games - Hangaroo

Random Flash Games - 3 Foot Ninja
3 Foot Ninja

Action Games
Casino Games

Action Games - Moon Cave Moon Cave
Navigate through the alien caves and caverns to find a way out.
Action Games - Kaboom Kaboom
Catch the black bombs before they fall to ground. Avoid the red bombs.
Action Games - Air Dodge Air Dodge
Fly your plane through the air avoiding various obstacles, mainly hot air balloons.

Casino Games - Lucky Nugget Slots Lucky Nugget Slots
Play Lucky Nugget slots for fun and a chance to win!
Casino Games - Palace Roulette Palace Roulette
A super fun game of chance to play at the Jackpot Palace Casino!
Casino Games - Palace Blackjack Palace Blackjack
Play Blackjack at the Jackpot Palace Casino and live it up!

Puzzle Games
Shooting Games

Puzzle Games - All Out All Out
Not a puzzle for the faint of heart, All Out is devilishly tough.
Puzzle Games - Perfect Match Perfect Match
Pick out pairs of identical cards as quickly as you can.
Puzzle Games - Breakout Breakout
Classic game where you hit the ball against the bricks to score points.

Shooting Games - Non African Safari Non African Safari
Shoot down all attacking animals in this difficult, fast action shooter.
Shooting Games - Space Invaders Space Invaders
Play this all time classics with new weapons and special monsters!
Shooting Games - Birdie Shooting Birdie Shooting
Shoot the birdies in the sky as they fly past.

Fun Games
Sports Games

Fun Games - Dancing Blair Dancing Blair
Get into the groove with Tony Blair as you control his dancing.
Fun Games - Connect 4 Connect 4
This is a new version of the classic game where you get 4 counters in a row to win.
Fun Games - Mosquito Blaster Mosquito Blaster
Blast as many mosquitos as you can before they bite you!

Sports Games - Jump Ball Jump Ball
Controlling the jumping ball and collect the golden coins.
Sports Games - Air Hockey Air Hockey
Play the popular air hockey game on your computer. First to score 7 goals wins!
Sports Games - Massaqua Massaqua
Extreme rowing. Don't get eaten by sharks.

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